About Us

Welcome to Nostressgifts. Make sure you say it right. It’s 3 words not 2 🙂  You’ll be glad to know we are about as average as your next door neighbor. We’ve got kids in school, spouses that work, multiple things to get done, and not enough time to do it and lots of gifts to think about at various times of the year.

Why we created nostressgifts.com

We are busy people. When it comes time to get a gift for someone, we have to stop and figure out the best gift. That may sound easy in theory, but it’s not, right? There are many things to consider. Sometimes buying for children can be easy if they are in our own household or we are buying for someone similar age to someone in our household, but it gets a little trickier if we’re buying for an age group we’re not surrounded with every day.  Buying for adults can be tricky as well and sometimes we just need a few great suggestions to jog our brain so we can get it done! I have personally picked out gift suggestions based on what I have or would purchase. These have not been haphazardly thrown together. All items were researched as we definitely only want to recommend great products!

The Artisan collection is another option available  featuring gifts straight from the Land of No Stress- FLORIDA! Handmade items straight from the land of saltwater, beaches, sun, and cool breezes! Again, these items have been specifically picked as quality items.

This website was created as a functional tool in your toolbox. My hope is that you will Bookmark us and pull us out of your toolbox throughout the year when need be. In fact, create a whole new folder called My Toolbox and put us in it. Got a birthday coming up? Wedding shower? Christmas? Ideas will be updated periodically so you have fresh new ideas. There’s so many ideas out there, having them in one central place helps.

Practical and Real Life Ideas from Real People

Specific Children have been focus grouped for gift ideas for their age group!
Actual Footwork has been done to bring you the Artisan Collection and Actual Florida Artisans have created them!

Purchasing Items

Many of the items mentioned contain affiliate links. These links take you to the various places where these items can be purchased. You get the same price as you would going directly to the site, but by passing through our site, we will get a slight reimbursement from the companies as a thank-you for steering you to them. If you enjoy our site and plan to purchase an item, please continue through our site as your way of saying “thank you” to us. Our customers are our business and we love that you stopped by today!

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Good Luck and Happy No Stress Shopping! Remember to make that “My Toolbox” folder when you bookmark this page and put us in there 🙂


Feel free to email me at anytime at Jen@nostressgifts.com
Have a great day!