Best Baby Gifts for Boys- Baby Guide 2018

You're headed to a baby boy shower! All the excitement of the new baby fills the air and you're excited to celebrate with the mom to be. But what's a good gift for a baby shower? While shopping for the little man and his momma, let's look at some of the best baby gifts for boys that work best with the season they're born in.

  1. Winter Baby Boy(Dec-Feb) 

Buying for now-Coming home, life will be all about keeping warm for a few months. If buying 0-3 month clothes, keep this in mind. Depending where you live, winter may last longer so think about your clothing picks and the sizes you choose. If you have parents that are football fans, they'll love outfitting junior in their favorite team. Also Little coats, booties, hats, long pants, mittens. Warm blankets, warm knit crib sheets, infant car seat covers if you live in a very cold place, portable bottle warmers, and warm nursing covers are great options.

Buying for Later-You can always by larger outfits. Just remember, if it's Feb now, 6 months from now, you'll be in a different season so buy accordingly. Same goes for diapers. These babies grow! It's always fun to shop for summer so count ahead to see how many months old little man will be and prep him for summer with a baby swim float and swimming trunks!

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  1. Spring Baby Boy(Mar-May) 

Buying for now- Spring can still have quite a few chilly days mixed in with those warm days, so lean toward warmer clothes for the newborn since they lose a lot more heat than we adults do. Since the weather gets much nicer in the spring, we tend to head outdoors often so it's likely mom and dad will be taking little man on a few walks around the block. A great infant stroller, possibly a jogging stroller would be a great idea or even a sling wrap so baby can be right next to mom the whole time she's walking Cute knit sweaters, baseball caps , Easter outfits, and swaddle blankets are all great spring baby boy gift ideas!

Buying for Later- This baby in a few months (likely 4-6 months)will be thoroughly enjoying being outside which sets him up perfectly for fall. Why not set him up with an outdoor baby swing, especially if they have older siblings and possibly have a swing set frame out back already.

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  1. Summer Baby Boy(June-Aug) 

Buying for now- It's nice and warm, possibly toasty outside. This baby needs protection from the sun but also fun in the sun! Think umbrellas, hats, and baby sunscreen. But don't forget, when it's hot outside, people like to turn up the a/c inside in places like restaurants so a light jacket or sweater is still a great thing to have to keep in the diaper bag. We tend to be outside more in the summer and fixing little man up for constant shade is a great idea. A popup canopy or beach tent would come in quite handy at the beach or even poolside.

Buying for later- Books! What mom doesn't like the idea of starting their own child's library. Before they can even read, kids love flipping through books and looking at the pictures. Youngest possible books would be soft, chewable books because we all know babies love to put everything in their mouth. Then they'll move into board books and then after a while some simple (a few sentences on each page) books with regular paper pages.

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  1. Fall Baby Boy(Sept-Nov) 

Buying for now- It's starting to cool down some. This fall baby has come just in time for fall hayrides and Halloween! How about a cute Halloween outfit? Themed gifts are cute as well. For example, if you find a romper with a tiger on it, you could pair it with a stuffed baby tiger and maybe even a tiger board book!

Buying for later- Right about the time this guy gets more active, it will be winter or early spring and sometimes still too cold to do much outside. A play mat gives them their own clean space to roam/roll around while inside. It keeps them from grabbing stuff up off the carpet and definitely a warmer and softer place than hardwood floors.

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  1. Year Round "Can't go Wrong" Little Man Gift Ideas 

Buying for now-What do babies do? Eat and Sleep for the most part. So making these two go as smoothly as possible makes mom's life easier. Baby Food Maker(small food processors like Baby Bullet) are great for the mom that really wants to control what her baby is eating and is money conscious as well. Jarred baby food can get expensive so making your own baby food can keep costs down. Bottle Sterilizers are great for peace of mind that your bottles are getting cleaned properly for little man's next feeding. (Philips Avent 3 in 1)

Buying for later- Ride on toys: It'll be close to a year before they will enjoy it, but buying one with a back handle will help them once they decide to start pulling themselves up and walking with assistance.

**Helpful Hint** It's always awesome to buy something for the brother or sister to be. The parents and the sibling appreciate that you thought about them too!

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