Great Gifts for Toddlers

Harley Davidson Tough Trike

Kids Love Ride Ons even if they can't do the pedals yet. They'll just scoot!


Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

The younger kids will be in 7th Heaven with this one!


Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

These cars are so much fun for Toddlers!


HD 8 Fire Kids edition (also in pink or yellow)

32 GB tablet that'll keep them entertained during those long car trips.


Thomas the train track

"Melissa and Doug", a name I fully am comfortable recommending has this track which is fully compatible with "Thomas" trains.


Kidcraft Train Table

You can always build on the floor, but if you have room for a table, it would keep things neater.


Little Tikes Slide

Cannot go wrong with this one either! Doubles as a pool slide in summer!


Doc McStuffin magnetic drawing clipboard

Great for Traveling in Car or just playing around the house!


Doc McStuffin Pet Vet Checkup Center

Pretend to be a vet and take care of this cute little puppy!


Thomas the Train "James"

Make sure you stick with buying the wooden trains. Don't be tempted to buy the cheaper plastic versions elsewhere.


Thomas the Train "Thomas"

The Main man himself. If your child/grandchild doesn't have any of the set, you've got to start with this one.


Thomas the train "Stephen"

This is one of those classic toys. Young ones of both genders love to play with these trains on their tracks.


Thomas the Train "Percy"

Engine no. 6


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Why These Make Great Gifts!

  • Harley Davidson Tough Trike- The best targeted age for this bike is 3-4 years. 2 year olds love it too, they just won't be able to reach the pedals yet but many parents are saying their 2 year olds just scoot along and still love it. Easy assembly and thick plastic. Hidden compartment under the seat is an extra place to store toys! Little guys love ride-ons so if you have someone celebrating their 3rd birthday especially, this might be the right gift! To see my whole list of recommended ride-ons by age, see my post HERE.
  • Blast Zone Magic Castle- What child doesn't love a bouncy house? Even though pictures with the balls inside the castle comes by itself so the balls need to be purchased separately if desired. Dimensions are 8.5'W x 11'L x 8'H If you have toddlers, I think this would make a great birthday party idea. Why rent a bouncy when you can own for this price and it'll last a lot longer than 1 day. If you really want to save money (this is how my brain works) you could use if for your birthday party, then pack it up and let your friend use it for her next birthday party. Split the price! The kids will have so much fun!
  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe- Toddlers many times can't ready pedals yet on many ride ons so they love the easy of riding around in the cozy coupe. It has a door that opens and a steering wheel to move so they really feel in control and "grown up". You're only issue will be getting them to share their great ride with their friends! These are great as well because they are tall enough for the parent to walk beside and push if for instance you want to take a short walk down the street. They can pull their feet up and you can push easily.
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet- This is a parent sanity must have. Let them watch their favorite videos and play games all on their own tablet. Comes with 1 year of Amazon Freetime Unlimited, kid proof case, and 2 year's manufacturer's warranty. Parental controls give you the power to decide what your kids can view.
  • Little Tikes Slide (LG)- First take note that this is the larger slide. If you go on Amazon you will see one for $30 as well. If you have a 1-2 year old, the smaller would be better, but 3-4 year & up you're better off going with the larger version. The larger version will last you so much longer. These slides are great in the summer as well. My kids would put them right up to the pool and slide in. And the next great feature is that it folds up! So if you have it inside your house, it will neatly store in the corner or in the garage.
  • Doc McStuffin Toys- Doc McStuffin, she's a little girl toy doctor/vet. She fixes toys up and makes them better again! So the magnetic drawing clipboard is perfect for writing down diagnosis and the Pet Vet set will give her some tools and a patient. If you'd like to have a dress up doctor's outfit, go visit the 5&6 year old page and see the Melissa and Doug doctor dress-up outfit.
  • Thomas the Train- If you have little boys, then you know the draw of Thomas the train. Even if they've never actually seen the show, trains are a huge boy draw and girls get right in there with them because it's so much fun to pretend and drive around the track! The trains, the track, the table- they're all good investments! I've got a bunch of it myself and plan on saving it for the grandkids someday because it's just so universal a toy. The track can be laid multiple ways and various additions added over the years so you'll end up with lots of great pieces that you can create endless variations of track layouts. My only warning here, is to be careful not to buy the plastic cheap knockoff versions. If you can buy the wooden ones, do so.

More than just a Gift/Birthday

Birthdays are fun and joy

A celebration of life for yet another year

What would life be without you we can't imagine

Another year of you!