Fun Gifts for 10 year old Girls

You've Got this- Gifts for 10 year old Girls!

Growing up quickly, 10 year old girls are full of energy and life and adventure! What do these girls like? Check out these gifts for 10 year old girls:

Tickets- What do you have in your local area? A water park, amusement park, trampoline park? Getting to go someplace they normally may not get to go that often, is a great gift! Just make sure you have tickets for 2 because they obviously won't be going alone. Learn to paint studios, local science museum, or a giftcard to their favorite yogurt stop!

Craft- Have you heard of the Kindness Rocks Project? You can checkout the general Facebook page here, but you may have one specific to your local area as there are many around. 10 year old girls love the idea of giving. Get them the needed supplies to participate in making uplifting rocks to place around their community! In short, oil based sharpie pens, acrylic paint, sealer, and large smooth rocks.

Adventure- Got a sporty girl that's up for just about anything? Think outside.
Sports- Do they have a sport? sports related attire or new equipment.
Rides- Bikes, electric scooters, penny boards, swings
Summer- Fin Fun Mermaid Tail, Pool, Trampoline, Snowcone Maker

Just Fun- Is it currently on an infomercial? "As seen on TV" product? Fun entertainment is what it's all about and this age will love lots of these "just because it's fun" items: Wubble Bubble, Pocket Copters, Magic Pens, Hover Ball, etc. Just record Disney Channel or Teen Nick for a couple hours, then fast forward through everything stopping at the commercials. This is your target age group (10-12 years) for these items!


Now Let's go Look at some of these Gifts!


In Charge of the Party? Some 10 year old Girl B-day Themes-


-fun lab experiments, nerd photo lab, what’s in the petri dish?, Pictionary- Book edition


Marshmallow Games- mini marshmallows (how many can you pick up with chopsticks in the allotted time?) Make marshmallow shooters, marshmallow toss with large Marshmallows.


-Make emoji slime, make emoji stress balls (w/ balloons), charades-guess my emoji, emoji bingo

Minute to Win It


-All kinds of Minute to Win It game ideas on Pinterest, Prizes, Free time on inflatables

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  1. JReese said:

    Buying gifts for people can be very stressful I agree! Especially younger kids. The uplifting rock idea is so nice and thoughtful. I especially like the theme party ideas, the nerd one was hilarious and one that I would totally love to do! I truly appreciate all the thought that went into this, so the customer can have a nice stress free experience!

    July 25, 2017
  2. Sakurah said:

    Getting tickets for 10 years old girls would be like allowing girls to enjoy their age and the fun of a lifetime. In the age of the technology, it seems kinda challenging to win the interest of youngster nowadays.

    I am so glad someone suggested these real deal. Instilling fun by means of enjoying the nature and adventure are far better than spending time browsing social media.

    July 25, 2017
  3. Louise said:

    There are some fabulous ideas on here! I had never heard of the Kindness Rocks project and think it’s a great idea. I also think anything that involves a bit of creativity and kindness you can’t go wrong with!

    It’s great to try and get our children away from screens and social media. Encouraging them to be outside is also a great idea for a gift – what is a snow cone maker? That’s intriguing!

    July 25, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Snowcone = Shave Ice. Here in FL we call them Shave Ice or Snowballs. Back in CO we called them Snowcones! Flavored Ice! Yum!

      July 27, 2017

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