Fun Gifts for 11 year old boys

These gifts for 11 year old boys are sure to please!

Robotics/RC– 11 year olds are aware of today’s technology and love the idea of harnessing it’s power. Do you have someone with the patience to learn how to code? There are several bots available which will allow you to code fairly easily (kid friendly coding). They don’t have the patience for that? Drones with cameras are an awesome tool that will put the power of today’s technology in their hands. Fly it around the neighborhood or at the local park and get lots of attention from onlookers.  Want something a little less expensive but still fun? There are some great remote control helicopters available. These helicopters take some skill, hence the 11 year old age group which can perfect their skill and enjoy maneuvering their copter around people’s heads and over and under furniture!

Skill- Anything requiring skill will intrigue this age. Much of the last category involving robotics would fit into this category but also simple things like rubriks cube or mind stimulating things like snap circuits where they can reconfigure circuits and create various things. Skill level also goes to things such as skateboards. They love to perfect their skills on something. The penny boards are great because they’re small enough to fit in your backpack and they are sooooo smooth.

Cool/Fun- Ever thought about a metal detector? My son used to be mesmerized at the idea of finding something valuable anywhere so metal detecting was great! They can go explore the forest or the beach or their own backyard or empty lot next door. Comes in handy if you ever lose something too! Nerf guns are still fun at this age! if the darts are getting a little boring, they now have guns that shoot small balls. Fair warning they do shoot with some decent speed which is why they are in this older age group category. Make sure they can handle a little “pain”. Otherwise there are so many nerf options out there, you can’t go wrong buying any nerf gun.

Have an 11 year old boy? Help everyone out and comment below with other great ideas for this age!

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In Charge of the Party? Great Group Games for the party-

Big Ball

Big ball soccer, Big ball baseball, Big ball football, Big ball kickball, etc. Get an abnormally large ball, bat, etc and play. This puts most on a level playing field. Even if they are a star baseball player on their local team, playing with a large plastic bat and large ball are a different story. The largeness of everything just makes it fun!

Street Hockey

Have a large area like a driveway, basketball or tennis court, or culdesac you can temporarily convert into a hockey playing field with cones and a couple goals? Energy will definitely be flying as the boys play this awesome game. You can use regular hockey sticks or go a more nontraditional route (maybe safer route) and use nerf bats or some other softer material (I’m sure pinterest has some great ideas).

American Ninja Warrior

Create an obstacle course to complete. This can be as complex as your imagination wants to go but I can imagine tunnels, tires, climbing wall, monkey bars, rope web, dodge balls, etc.

Minute to Win It

Taken from the TV show, there are so many minute to win it games on Pinterest. Most of these use materials we already have on hand in the house. If not, they are easily and cheaply gotten. How much fun is it to race against your friend to see who can get all the kleenex out of the box first one sheet at a time or to see how many cookies you can have balanced on your face at the end of one minute or to see how many ping pong balls you can actually get into the cups by bouncing on the table first. Simple games yet fun times.


  1. Maria said:

    Thank you for providing information about items today that little boys love. I have a grandson who is hard to shop for because he’s one who seems to not like “outdoor” activities as much as my son did when my son was his age. The Robotics/RC is a perfect solution, he loves puzzles and this seems to be the perfect thing to help get him outdoors more! Thank you for providing such wonderful information.

    October 14, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Don’t forget to bookmark us and come back whenever you need us! Thanks for stopping by.

      October 14, 2017
  2. roamy said:

    Hello Jen
    This is coming just at the right time, I do like buying my Christmas presents early to avoid the crowds.Now while thinking of what to get this year, I could not really make up my mind, a quick Google search for presents for boys and your site came up.
    Now I`m looking for something that is fun and the novelty will not wear out in a day and the remote-controlled helicopter you suggested sounds like exactly the right thing.
    I live on the countryside so there is enough space to fly the helicopter without me worrying of the kids being on the streets.
    You mentioned Amazon being the best place to purchase, now I`m not a savvy online shopper, I have never bought any physical product online,do you happen to know if Amazon ships to Europe?
    Thanks so much for sharing this my confusion on what to buy is solved.

    October 14, 2017
  3. Keiron said:

    Thanks for the ideas! My cousin is turning 12 and I couldn’t figure out what would be appropriate. I keep forgetting that kids are getting more and more tech savvy quicker. I think I’ll go get him a small drone to play around with! Thanks for the list! Short and concise made it an easy choice for me!

    October 14, 2017
    • Jen said:

      He will love a drone. Good choice!

      October 14, 2017

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