Fun Gifts for 11 year old Girls

You’ve got this- Gifts for 11 year old girls!

Capable & Crafty- This is a great age for arts & crafts. Their fine motor skills have developed and can pretty much do anything skill wise that interests them. If the 11 year old is not in your immediate family, you may want to speak with the parents to determine what would interest them in this category but you have everything from learning to sew, crochet, friendship bracelets, tile art, making clay bracelet charms, string art, tie dye, etc. If the 11 year old is more into art than crafts, a great set of markers/sharpies with a drawing notebook or adult coloring book would be perfect. This age also would love getting involved in the Kindness Rocks Project. If you haven’t heard of it you can check out the general facebook page Here but many cities have specific facebook pages such as Kindness Rocks Project of (your city or state). I think a great gift would be to gather a basket and the needed supplies so they could become involved. Basic supplies include acrylic paint, sealer, stones, oil based sharpie paint pens. Putting these together with a printed page explaining the Kindness Rock Project will give her inspiration to give back to her community!

Sweet & Speedy- These girls love to be on the move! Things like razor electric scooters, ripsticks, hoverboards, penny boards, bikes, trampolines, zip lines, hoola hoops, and the list could go on are all great for this age.

Totally Tech- Some girls at this age already have a phone but many don’t because of smart parents trying to keep their kids from going there just yet. If they do not have a phone, maybe consider something like an ipad mini which can allow them some level of technology without having it constantly in their pocket. Parental controls can be placed on an ipad to prevent anything the parent doesnt wish their child to have access to. Is this an adventure loving girl? Loves to swim, hike, ride bikes? Why not equip her with a camera/GoPro? She’ll be able to record all her adventures and share it with her friends! Social Media is big even at this age. Instagram, Snapchat, DIY, Musically……..and with the right parental supervision can be loads of fun for them. By giving them tools to record or photograph their world, they love sharing it!

Friends & Fun- What can her and her best friend do that would be fun? Would they love to go to that trampoline park or gymnastics night together? Would they like to go to the water park or go goofy golfing or skating? Would they like to get their nails done and stop at their favorite yogurt stop? This is a great gift- nontangible but definitely fun. Print the tickets or online info or gift card and enclose in a cute card. As an added bonus, add her favorite candy attached to the outside of the card!



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Group Party Ideas for 11 year old Girls-

-Mall Scavenger Hunt: Girls Love shopping so let them get into teams and roam around with an adult finding specific things, taking pics of everything. After a specified time, everyone returns and point tallied.

-Classic Game Night: We don’t often play regular games anymore so get those girls off their phones and ipads and play some fun games like Life, Uno, Charades, Blokus, Are you smarter than a 5th grader?, Sorry sliders, Jenga, 

-Got a large friend group? Backyard Volleyball, Pool party, Smores and Movie Night, Look up these fun games on youtube: 1. Gaga Ball and 2. Volley Square . These look like so much fun to set up and play!

-Minute to Win It Games: Cookie stack, M&M transfer, mini marshmallow pickup w/ chopsticks, Nut stack, ping pong ball relay, etc. These short fun games (lots of ideas on Pinterest) are fun and will definitely get these girls laughing!

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  1. Steve & Kris said:

    Well, my daughter is 11 and I have to say, you hit a home run here. She loves everything you have listed here, well most everything anyway. She loves doing crafts, loves her ripstick, loves her tablet. One thing my daughter is really into is board games, so I am glad to see you mentioned that as well. She loves Clue and Sorry, talk about old school! I loved reading your post, it sounds just like my daughter, she’s into all this stuff. Now, do you have any suggestions for a 14-year-old boy?

    October 20, 2017
  2. Edwin said:

    Fluffy slime, who knew? My niece turned 11 this year and it amazes me how many times “I am bored” comes out of her mouth. I asked her to read this with me and she loved it. Slime has become her “thing” now, which keeps her off the cell phone. Christmas shopping will be a lot easier this year. Mall Scavenger Hunt next year for her 12th birthday, look forward to hearing all about it.

    Cheers to keeping creativity alive!

    October 16, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Slime gifting is great- just get them all the materials and they’ll have tons of fun making it. Getting them some unique colors (Wilton brand) to add to their slime from the craft store and they’ll be in slime heaven.

      October 17, 2017
  3. James Harvey said:

    This was great for me to read. I have 4 little girls they aren’t quite 11 yet. But time flys and they will all be grown before I know it. I will be sure to bookmark this article and read it again and possibly use it as a blueprint for Christmas shopping. Thanks a lot.

    October 13, 2017
    • Jen said:

      We’ve got suggestions for all the age groups so check out… and find the age you need! Thanks for stopping by.

      October 13, 2017

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