Fun Gifts for 12 year old Girls

You've Got This- Gifts for 12 year old girls!

Beautiful Girl- To remind her that she's beautiful inside and out. Looking good is important to this age. Many will be experimenting with different hairstyles and clothing styles and accessories. Nail polish, earrings, body spray or lotions (especially from Bath and Body Works), curling or flat irons, flexible curling rods, Friendship necklaces, drawstring sack bag (to keep her extras in for a quick on the go day/ if she's a sporty girl then Nike or Adidas brand)

Creative Girl- To keep her grounded and reminded to stop and smell the roses. Art allows you to express yourself and many girls find this a great outlet. Even if you can't draw worth anything, you can still doodle and you can still color and you can still make crazy faces in your notebooks at school and you can still try to create fancy writing even if it's not calligraphy. Inspiring Notebooks, a great set of sharpie markers, or a set of specialty colored pencils are great gifts. 

Smart Girl- To know that Girls using their brains can do great things! Is she interested in science or robotics? Does she love books? Does she love learning? Foster something you know she's good at or is interested in. If she's always pointing out star constellations maybe she would love a telescope. If she's highly interested in computers, maybe a laptop is what she needs. Does robotics fascinate her? Lego Mindstorms and several other robotics kits are available for her to continue learning. If she has a favorite author, maybe a new set of books. 

Fun Girl- Keeping things fun and light with smiles and laughter when she's around. Girls love sleepovers so a great overnight duffel bag or comfy pillow or sleepover game. Most girls I know love trampolines so you'll be the "most awesome" if you make this happen! No skill required. Just jump and feel carefree! Electric Scooters, Hoverboards, Penny boards, and Ripsticks are also great for getting around the neighborhood in style!



Now Let's Go Look at some of these Gifts!

Group Games for 12 Year old Girls Party

(What to do With all these Bottle Flipping/Fidget Spinning Girls!)

Minute to Win It- You cannot go wrong with this. Girls love to watch and laugh at each other and themselves as they each try and accomplish crazy tasks. How many dice can you stack on a popscicle stick held in you mouth?, Can you be the first to pull all the kleenex out one by one from a kleenex box? How many m&m's can you suck up with a straw and transfer to the next plate in 1 minute? How many balls can you make into the solo cups by bouncing on the table first in 1 minute's time? and the list goes on. Pinterest has tons of different games. Pick about 10 and start gathering your needed supplies!

Mall Scavenger Hunt- Test out their knowledge of the local shopping mall! Send the teams with clues to find various stores or things and once there, have them take a pic. Points can be assigned to each task.  After a set time, everyone meets back up and points tallied. Finish with pizza in the food court!

Lots of Girls or a family get together?- Play large group games such as volleyball, Gaga ball (see youtube), dodgeball, or Volleysquare (see youtube)

Game Show Face Off- Pick your favorite on screen game show like Family Feud or The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune and create your own rendition. This of course will take a little more planning but lots of questions can actually be found online and the girls would have a blast! 


  1. J&HTowsley; said:

    This hits home since we have a 12 year old girl. You have some wonderful activity ideas. Our daughter is in between liking things at the moment. She feels like she is too old for the things she used to like but in not sure yet what she likes now. So finding gifts for her is hard. Is anybody else having this problem with their daughters? Thank you so much for your ideas.

    October 15, 2017
    • Jen said:

      For 12 year olds, sometimes gift cards are the way to go, maybe to a favorite store in the mall. Attach it to a stuffed animal along with her favorite candy and she’d probably love it! My other thought, instead of a gift, is to let her and a friend do something fun together that she loves. (horseback riding, go-karting, etc)

      October 19, 2017
  2. Marty said:

    There are so many more great things for young girls now.

    Things were a lot different when I was younger. Then, it was the standard gifts. Girls get dolls and play house. Boys get guns, bows, and arrows…and play cowboys and Indians.

    I was considered a “tom-boy” because I was always ready to play baseball. And, even though I was pretty good, I still got picked last. Why? Because I was a girl! But, I didn’t throw like a girl! It still didn’t matter.

    I liked how you classified the different interests. I also enjoyed some of the games.

    Wish I was 12 again in this day and age!


    October 14, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Thanks for stopping by. Bookmark our site for the next time you need some ideas!

      October 17, 2017
  3. Alisa Massey said:

    Oh my goodness, this is perfect! Thank you for making this page and I will be sure to use your suggestions! I have 5 kids and my 13-year-old and my 10-year-old are the hardest to buy for! I love the selection you have to choose from and with busy moms like myself, this helps me tremendously in trying to “figure it all out!” Especially, with Christmas around the corner, this is perfect! And I see you also have Father’s Day GIft ideas among other things!

    October 14, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Thanks for stopping by. We’ll keep things updated so be sure to check back in every so often!

      October 17, 2017

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