Fun Gifts for 6 year old boys

These gifts for 6 year old boys are sure to please!

Remote Control Cars– Think of the fun of father and son or brother and brother zooming cars through the house or out on the driveway. Bonds are formed as you crash into each other or play tag or jump your make shift ramp made out of cardboard. If you go this route make sure you buy at least 2 unless you already know their friend has one as well.

Army– You don’t have to teach them to fight. It comes built in to every little boy and modeling our heroes in the army is no problem in my eyes. The good guys fighting the bad guys is what it’s all about. So set them up with some nerf guns and army gear and watch the boys create their own storyline.

Rockets and space– The awesomeness of space and the power of the rocket. This is what attracts boys to space aeronautics. Have you been lucky enough to see a space shuttle take off ? Can you imagine flying through space? You’re 6 year old is amazed at the possibility of leaving earth and exploring space. A rocket ship, a space shuttle dvd, a book about planets,etc. Another fun option is stomp rockets. It’s an easy concept and the kids love it. Stomp on it and watch it fly into the air!

Bugs and creatures– What is it about bugs that are so fascinating? Boys and girls alike are awed by these tiny creatures. Give them a chance to encourage their inner naturalist and let them study up close things as caterpillars, butterflies, lightning bugs, tree frogs, lizards, and ladybugs. The real things can be studied with a few simple tools including a bug/creature cage, magnifying glass, and bug catcher. They will enjoy watching their creature for a few days before setting it free again to go back to it’s natural habitat.

Moving toys– Every kid and family is different as far what they have for riding toys but 6 year olds love anything they can ride. This age can run the gamut from scooters to regular 2 wheel bikes to go karts. Anything they don’t have, they will love just because it’s something different. Look on Amazon to see what’s new. There may be some new riding toy that will be something even they haven’t seen yet.  Moving past riding toys, in this category we could also be talking swing sets. Already have a swing set? Maybe choose a special swing add-on that allows them to twist and turn or a rock climbing wall or a zip line. Just think action as these guys have lots of energy.

Have a 6 year old? Comment below with some things your 6 year old loves and maybe already has and help everyone out big time! 

Now Let’s Go See Some of these Gifts!


In Charge of the Party? Some 6 year old B-day Themes-



-Obstacle Course, sword fighting, origami ninja stars, asian decor, ninja star throw, karate wood chop, fortune cookie toss, samurai sword fights



Rubber band lego car races (build and race),Lego treasure hunt, pin the head on the Lego man, Lego spoon race




Digging for dinosaurs, triceratops ring toss, dino egg hunt, Jurassic cupcake walk, Dino egg toss



Spiderman Silly string, Hulk can crushers, Pin the star on the shield, Batman Balloon pop, Superman obstacle course



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  1. shrey said:

    These are some amazing gift ideas for my nephew who is 7 years old. I think getting him a remote control car would be the best and it is one of the most interesting gifts that he would use.
    Thanks for the information and it did help me figure out what would he would probably like.

    May 18, 2017
  2. stuart bowler said:

    Some good ideas on here, I was once a boy, a long time ago it seems lol, and I can relate to all those gifts. I can certainly vouch for the bugs option. I used to always be armed with a magnifiying glass. Rockets and space and moving toys can relate to my 6 yr old, so very wise choices on the gifts so far, certainly beats sitting playing video games.

    May 17, 2017
  3. WorkingMomma said:

    These are cool choices.

    It’s really hard to find toys that can attract six year olds nowadays (since some of them get so engrossed with tablets and ipads). But these are nice options, which can definitely capture the curiosity of young ones at this age.

    Nice tips here, keep it up!

    May 17, 2017

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