Fun Gifts for 6 year old Girls

You Can’t go wrong with these gifts for 6 year old Girls!

Cute and Cuddly- Stuffed dogs, pandas, bears, etc. This would include Pillow Pets! 

Imagination- There’s a reason Barbie is still going strong at 58 years. Girls love Barbie and Ken and all their accessories. They have houses, cars, pets, tons of clothes, and hair to fix. Apparently you can never have enough Barbies because I’ve seen girls with whole suitcases full of them. The more Barbies, the more stories you can create.  What else do 6 year olds do? Dress-up! Whatever the newest or most popular Disney princess is, is a great clue as to what they’ll love for dress up. For instance, with Disney’s Frozen many girls became fascinated with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Anything Frozen related they would have loved including the Elsa dress-up outfit! So whatever movie is going strong, start there! From Imagination into pretend many girls love to act out their mothering instinct. Dolls are still popular at this age. There are some very realistic ones in facial features and weight that could fun or they might just want some accessories like a double doll stroller or swing or baby carrier for their current babies.

Collectibles- Items such as Shopkins and Littlest Pet Shop fall into this category. Girls love collecting small toys and showing their friends when they meet up. Being small, these collectibles are usually low on the price scale making it easy to accumulate quite a few

Art- Many 6 year olds love art. There are many kinds of paints, pearler beads, markers, bracelet making kits that would be appropriate for this age. There are tons of kits available in the realm of art. Just make sure they are age appropriate so it doesn’t become a parent project. As a first grader, the art projects should be fairly simple.

Do you know of something a 6 year old girl would love? Feel free to comment below.

Now Let’s Go Look at some of these Gifts!

In Charge of the Party? Some 6 year old girl B-day Themes-





-candy necklaces, fishing for princes, specific princess game (Cinderella glass slipper hide, or Belle’s book stack to see how many books they can stack in an allotted time, or Rapunzel’s braid decorating, etc)

Horse Lovers


–Horse obstacle course (w/stick pony), paint horseshoes, pin the tail on the horse, real pony rides



-Rainbow Relay (team play: plastic spoon/must pick up skittles one of each color and put in bowl), Troll Slime craft, End of the Rainbow Search (gold coins are hidden in yard)

Tea Party





-teacup walk (similar to cupcake walk), hat toss, necklace making station, decorate a sugar cookie

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  1. shrey said:

    I have a 6-year-old niece and it is actually more difficult than I thought to get a gift for her birthday. I mean we think that they are kids and would be happy with anything from the kid section but when you actually look around you get really confused with what they might like and what they would not, this post really helped me decide how to choose the right gift, thanks.

    June 15, 2017
  2. audra said:

    Your layout is great and your content is informative i remember going through the barbie stage with my girls so glad those days are over haha. Your suggestion for gifts for a 6yr old is great, the pictures are beautiful and professional looking. I miss when my girls were that age dressing up playing with their toys. Thanks for sharing.

    June 12, 2017
  3. Marty said:

    You cannot imagine how many times I have stepped on, sat on, or caught in the vacuum cleaner, one of the many Barbie or Ken dolls that my daughter has accumulated. They are everywhere. Just when I think I have gathered them all up and put them back where they belong, I find another one…in a shoe…in the laundry…in the sink.

    Well, I guess that is just one of the few pitfalls in the rewarding experience of raising a spirited young girl.

    Next to her avid interest in the doll collection, my little girl absolutely loves personalized books…the ones that have her name in them. It makes her feel so much more a part of the stories within. Some books even have her pictures in them! Evening story time has her reading HER book to me. It is a welcome change and she goes to sleep just as quickly as when I read a story to her.

    I like your theme ideas for parties. I will be trying one of them very soon for a birthday party I am secretly planning.


    June 10, 2017

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