Fun Gifts for 7 year old boys

These Gifts for 7 year old boys are awesome!

Minecraft- Still going strong, kids love Minecraft and why?

from a kids point of view-  It’s this game that you play on the computer. You can play survival mode- you have to cut down trees to make a house and get into caves to get coal, gold, so you can survive and make things for yourself to live. You use the coal and sticks to create fire. There’s zombies, and creepers you have to stay away from. If you kill them you get prizes. In Creative mode- Have everything for you and don’t have to work. You just build whatever you want. You can build a whole world of your own. There’s animal eggs you can choose to create animals. 2 animals they will create babies. Horses you can decorate, put armor on and ride them. It’s kind of hard to tame horses. You have to put a saddle on to control them. There’s wolves too. You can dye their skin. You could also choose to join other people and play games like capture the flag, hunger games, or every man for himself. When you die you can respawn. There are secret hiding places and you can find hidden chests in places with weapons to kill other people or armor to protect yourself. Why do so many kids like Minecraft? Because it’s in a real world. You get to build whatever you want and your imagination can come to life!

So you have someone whose into Minecraft? Anything Minecraft related will do. Do they love Legos and Minecraft? Then you’re set cause there’s tons of sets for that.

Army- Boys love to play war and fighting. Give them anything that facilitates this and they’re good to go. Think looking the part as well as guns, swords, and communication devices. This open play is great and gets them away from the video games. They will entertain themselves for long periods of time creating their own scenarios. Get involved a bit and create them some safety zones- wood pallets work great for this! Weapons could involve fake guns of any kind including nerf guns, laser tag guns, or swords.

Remote Control Cars- Not old enough to drive a real car yet obviously but being able to drive and crash and go off ramps- this is every boys dream! Any kind of R/C car with some decent speed is going to bring a smile on their face. Now, my heads up is to make sure you have 2. It is so much more fun driving cars with a friend (hence the crashing part). It’s still fun with 1 but may quite be as entertaining. Make sure to include the batteries with your gift as well because they’re going to want to try these guy out right away!

Star Wars- Star Wars is so popular right now, you can hardly go wrong choosing a Star Wars item. Have a Lego and Star Wars lover? Again, you’re set because there’s tons of Lego and Star Wars combo sets out there. I personally need a Star Wars primer to get me up to date on who the good guys and the bad guys are so some quick research gave me this (just in case you want to get something from each category so they can play out scenes):
The Galactic Empire- Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Imperial army, Sith 
The Rebellion- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leah, Yoda, Hans Solo, Jedi

Have a 7 year old boy? Comment below and share what your 7 year old loves! It’s very helpful to the rest of us searching for that perfect gift. Thanks!

Now Let’s go See Some of these Gifts!

In Charge of the Party? Some 7 year old B-day Themes-


Obstacle Course, sword fighting, origami ninja stars, asian decor, ninja star throw, karate wood chop, fortune cookie toss, samurai sword fights


Rubber band lego car races (build and race),Lego treasure hunt, pin the head on the Lego man, Lego spoon race

Wilderness Explorer

Nature Scavenger Hunt, Camping, Bonfire, Bug Hunt, Toss the rocks, 


Creeperball (dodgeball), pin the tail on the pig, Creepers and Zombies (sharks and minnows), Find the gold/silver bars

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  1. Paul said:

    Great post, Jennifer, on a very stressful activity.

    Who would have thought that purchasing gifts for kids could be so stressful … why parents, of course!

    Your category breakdown and many suggestions tell me that you think like a parent. Wasn’t so long ago that I was dealing with this very issue.

    Now that my children are older, I can pass this on to them … lol …

    Are boys easier or harder to gift?

    What age range is the hardest to please when gifting?


    May 28, 2017
    • Jen said:

      I usually find that parents sometimes need a get go but most of the time their kids are already telling them what they want. A lot of times, it’s the grandparents or aunts and uncles that really appreciate the gift ideas! I have boys and girls so age level and individual child personality plays into what kind of gift they would be interested in. As they get older, I think boys tend to have more expensive taste, so in that sense, they might be harder.

      May 29, 2017
  2. Simon said:

    We purchased an Xbox 2 years ago when our nephew was 7 years old and one of the first software packages on his wish list was Minecraft. He is addicted along with his sister, they build their individual Minecraft world together on a split screen, from swimming pools to houses, caves, dens you name it they do it all. We have now come to the point we have had to limit the time spent building their onscreen world, failing that they would both sit there building blocks all day – ha!

    The new-age of remote cars are fab, never mind 7 year olds, they are great for 50 year old too. As you say, purchase 2 remote cars as this creates so much more fun, this is where I get involved, beats Minecraft hands down for me – ha!

    Do you get involved playing any of these gifts?
    Thanks for your gift selection,

    May 26, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Well, I tried Minecraft, but I did’t have the time to invest in it so I left that to the kids. Now my kids are slightly older and they are into fishing and playing outside more now. Thank goodness!

      May 29, 2017
  3. FreddieC said:

    Some 7 year old boy will be very happy receiving any one of these gifts. I lean towards the Army gift for the fact that the children are removed from the usual “screen games”. However I would prefer the good old water pistol fights with children running around and playing all over the yard.

    May 23, 2017
    • Jen said:

      I agree. Anytime the kids are running around having a great time is a plus and they’re not even thinking about those screen games in the midst of running around!

      May 23, 2017

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