Fun Gifts for 7 year old Girls

You Can't go wrong with these fun gifts for 7 year old girls!

Pets- Anything animal little girls will love. Girl's nuturing nature causes their heart to melt when they see a cute little puppy, a furry kitten, a fluffy teddy bear, etc. This is why all stuffed animals, animals with the remote so you can walk them, Littlest Pet Shop collectible animals, Furreal and Little Live pets that respond to being touched or moved, and Hatchimals are great gifts for 7 year old girls.

Horses- My daughter used to have a fascination with horses. Of course she wanted her very own horse and barn and to be able to ride it whenever she wanted. Problem was, we didn't live on a farm so she had to be content with her play horses. And she definitely had alot of horses. Horses and horse trailer and horse barn. This is a great imagination builder as they can play out all kinds of scenes. In today's electronic world, many would just go find a horse app and let their daughter virtually care for a horse and run barrel races and regular horse races. These are great but don't forget to encourage the tangible toys! Interacting with tangibles allows for group play with friends and more brain expansion as they come up with their own story lines.

Arts & Crafts- By 2nd grade, girl's fine motor skills have really honed it so you can now start giving the crafts that require that. Drawing or painting on smaller spaces, working with smaller beads, stained glass kits requiring different colors for different spaces, simple sewing kits requiring use of a needle, etc. Attention spans are still not super long so asking this age group to work on a project that will take them multiple days or even a week to complete may be stretching it for most, but things that can be completed within a couple hours is great. 

Barbies- When you have whole aisles dedicated in stores to Barbie, that's your first clue that Barbie is popular with young girls. There are so many possibilities within Barbie world which is why it's popularity among girls is still going strong. By 7 years old, many girls may have quite a few Barbies and if so, these girls are more interested in extra outfits, accessories like cars, pets, pools, or more Ken dolls. Barbie world has expanded. Not only are their the original Barbie but you also have Barbie Fashionista which is supposed to imitate more real world body types with curvy, short, different races, different hair types, etc.  Dreamtopia, which you might also see, was based off the 2016 movie where Barbie, Chelsea, and their puppy Honey go on all kinds of adventures together. Since then, they've added other extended videos online to watch.

Do you know of something a 7 year old girl would love? Feel free to comment below.

Now Let's Go Look at some of these Gifts!


In Charge of the Party? Some 7 year old girl B-day Themes-



-Mermaid cutout photo booth, pool party with mermaid tails, make shell necklaces or starfish bracelets, ocean snow globes




-Paint fairy houses, Make your own fairy floral crowns, make fairy dough, Pin the wings on the fairy, Pixie Dust Relay (pixy sticks)




--Horse obstacle course (w/stick pony), paint horseshoes, pin the tail on the horse, real pony/horse rides




-Rainbow Relay (team play: plastic spoon/must pick up skittles one of each color and put in bowl), Troll Slime craft, End of the Rainbow Search (gold coins are hidden in yard)

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  1. Win Bill said:

    My daughter is still in her diapers but she will need some kind of fun and tangible gifts in a few years. She’s not a big fan of horses or barbies so far. I guess she is a sort of a tomboy. However, she likes cooking tools like pots, frying pans,spatula. It’s not exactly a typical girl thing so I was wondering if I can give her toy kitchen sets instead. Your suggestion of using beads sounds interesting but she is still too young so I will wait a few more years for that. What else do you recommend?

    July 18, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Kitchen sets are great and encourage creativity so that is wonderful. My other suggestions would be an indoor inflatable bouncy, a slide, or riding toys!

      July 18, 2017
  2. Marlinda Davis said:

    I love this guide! When I was younger I loved to play with dolls. One thing I always longed for was a pet. Back then, there weren’t much interactive pet toys besides Furby. You probably guessed that I had a Furby in that case! lol! It’s so cool how they have real life dogs, cats and even fish for children who can’t have pets for one reason or the other. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    July 18, 2017
  3. Lauren Kinghorn said:

    Aw, sweet. What a delightful post! Our daughter’s 13 now so she’s past this stage but you were spot on. Happy to say she still loves pets as she has 3 dogs, 2 cats and a hamster. 😉 And she still loves doing arts and crafts. She reminds me so much of myself at her age. Hope the teenage years don’t change all this. I love that she’s so creative and caring.

    July 16, 2017
  4. Kay said:

    Love this blog post. This was very helpful to me because I have an eight year old girl and a 2 year old girl who will be growing up very fast. I like your gift ideas and I think I am definitely going to go with the horse one. I will definitely keep an eye your site for more cool ideas.

    July 13, 2017

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