Fun Gifts for 9 year old Girls

You've Got This- Gifts for 9 year old girls!

Check out these gifts for 9 year old girls:

Tech Pets- Girls love their pets and even those these pets are robotic, they have the ability to control them which gives another level of challenge. Take a look at these options: 1. BB8 Star Wars app controlled robot 2. Sphero sprk + Steam robot 3. Makeblock DIY Mbot 

Arts & Crafts- Creating something gives girls a sense of pride and accomplishment. From making jewelry to sewing their own handbags, there are all kinds of craft kits available. You can make your own soaps, create some string art, and sew your own pillows. The sky is the limit on these craft kits which are highly recommended for this age. Most girls love to draw and doodle. What they really need are some great gel pens in a rainbow of colors and maybe even some glitter! Add a cute notebook and you're set!

Fashion- The fashion sense has kicked in by this age. Their imagination soars while coming up with ideas. Previously they had played this out on Barbies, but are now ready to express their ideas other ways. Harumika has Barbie sized manequin dolls with slits in them and comes with an assortment of material (no actual clothes) that by stuffing into the slits, you can design all sorts of outfits. My daughter loved this and spent many hours with these. It appears these are getting harder to find so you may have to do some online looking but you need the starter set with manequin at the very least. Once you have the manequin, only fabric scraps are needed! Another way to design outfits is by using Fashion Angels Portfolio books. They have multiple books from runway models to fashion design to pet fashion to interior design. Using stencils, stickers, and preprinted model outlines girls create all sorts of fashionable designs on paper!

Soft & Comfy- A Large comfy fluffy bean bag,  a roomy faux fur papasan or saucer chair in her favorite color, a mermaid tail blanket, a large teddy bear, fuzzy socks.  And what will she do in all this soft and comfy? Maybe read some great books or listen to her favorite music.

Have a 9 year old girl? Feel free to help out others with your extra suggestions. What do 9 year old girls love? Feel free to comment below.

Now Let's Go Look at some of these Gifts!


In Charge of the Party? Some 9 year old girl B-day Themes-


-Make emoji slime, make emoji stress balls (w/ balloons), charades-guess my emoji, emoji bingo


-fun lab experiments, nerd photo lab, what's in the petri dish?, Pictionary- Book edition, 


facials, manicures, make your own soaps, make homemade salt scrubs, foat soaks

Alice in Wonderland

tea party, paint teacups, house of cards challenge, White rabbit's beat the clock challenge, croquet

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  1. Michael said:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information! My 9 year old daughter loves fashion especially those ‘jewellery’ What are your recommendations for such a product?
    I want my daughter to get into science too. Is there any fun science books for children that you recommend? Do you think getting science books is a good idea?

    July 24, 2017
    • Jen said:

      Girls can have lots of different taste in jewelry so my suggestion is to get her a gift card to an age appropriate jewelry store in your local mall like “Claire’s” and let her go shopping! As for science books, kids at this age love science experiments so find a good book with lots of fun experiments directed for children or a lab kit and then the key to the whole thing is you carving out some time to actually work some of them with her. You’ll both have a blast and she’ll develop that love of science! 

      July 24, 2017
  2. Mason said:

    Good ideas! My eldest daughter will be turning 8 this year. (hard to believe) I’ll keep this in mind next year and probably this year as she is very artistic and loves colors. There are so many products along the “design it yourself” theme. Clever site as many people tend to stress about gifting. Thanks for the ideas.

    July 20, 2017
  3. Cindy said:

    Hi, Jen. My niece is 12 years old. I have a nephew that is turning 7 in a couple of months, so in the meantime, I will be checking out your fun gifts for 7-year old boys for some cool gift ideas. Thank you for creating this age appropriate gift site. If I had to choose something from this page, I’d definitely go with a tech pet because these are cool. Thank you for sharing!

    July 18, 2017

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