Graduation Gifts

High School Graduation lends itself to celebration and thinking forward to the upcoming College days! Get them prepared and ready to go!


The perfect place to store some fresh fruit, drinks, and snacks in your own dorm space.

Toaster Oven

Save energy by not using the Large oven and instead using this handy counter top toaster oven.

College Cookbooks

 So you don’t have to order out all the time and mom will know you can cook!

Gift Cards- Gas, Visa, Walmart

 All College kids really need is Money, so they will love this gift.

New Computer/Printer

A computer is the ultimate school supply that’s a must have for college. Make sure they have a good working one! This one is a tablet/laptop combo.

Portable Car Charger

Peace of Mind for the parents. If their student becomes stranded they can boost themselves!