Spider Web Tree Swing Review

Spider Web Swing Review, Product Overview

Want something different to add to your traditional swing? This 40 inch web swing is sure to bring smiles!  You can swing in the regular back and forth motion or set it up for full range of motion to include spinning (suggest the rotational device, safest tree swivel for full easy non rope twisting spinning). It easily attaches to your swingset with the attached carabiners or even a tree branch (suggest the extra long tree swing hanging kit if using a tree). Have your kids outgrown the regular backyard swing set? I recently had a larger sized one built to meet my growing daughter's (age 11) needs. I sure wish I had a large oak tree for a great tire swing or this web swing but I didn't so we went with a traditional A-frame, just larger. The web swing works perfectly and she and the neighbors enjoy playing around on it.

The Web swing offers exhilarating fun!

Imagine the thrill of the sliding down a long slippery slide or going round and round the local park merry go round when you were younger. The Web swing offers this same exhilaration. Similar in movement to what a tire swing would do, kids love breaking out of the traditional back and forth of regular swings.

The Web swing is built to last!

The swing feels very sturdy and the rope extra thick.  Wrapped around a steel frame, this swing is gonna last. I expect it to stand up to normal outside weather well. I do notice some weathering on the metal hardware itself after one summer but my swing does get the sprinkler on it every day and we live in a very humid area. Due to the design, it won't trap water so after the sprinklers or a rain shower it's just a matter of allowing the rope to dry. Being in the sun, no noticeable discoloring has taken place. Looks like it did on Day 1.

The Web swing covers multiple age groups!

Since it's really a matter of how hard the person pushing is swinging you, this swing is great for ages toddlers on up to tweens and teens. It can handle up to 600 pounds so even multiple children can ride at once. I'd be more concerned about the bearing weight of the frame or tree branch than the actual swing. You can sit upright or lay down on your back or belly. This particular swing does not have the hole in the center for legs. If I only had smaller children, I'd be inclined to buy the one with the central hole so their legs can dangle in the center.

The Web swing is a definite yes!

As a mom of a tween, I consider this purchase a thumbs up.  If you want those kids to spend time outdoors, we've got to give them something to do and this fits the bill. And speaking of bills (cash ones), you'll be glad to know, this web swing is not that expensive. Check on the price and see it's not that expensive. So the kids are happy and the parents are happy their wallet is still in tact 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to stop and looking forward to sharing many more reviews in the future!

Spider Web Tree Swing

Spider Web Tree Swing








        • Easy to set up right out of the box
        • The kids will love the new swing
        • Easy to Maintain


        • Might have to ref the kids since they may fight over whose turn it is
        • An extra hanging device might have to be purchased if hanging from a tree or want full spinning option w/o twisted rope

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